SONAR (SOund Navigation And Ranging) is a serie of modular diptychs.
These proposals are quoting fantasized cliches. Phantasm is given as a propeller, imposing the research of a way to assume reality.

> The “active” SONAR is not researching, it is sending a signal with the hope to find something.

>The “passive” SONAR is receiving every signal, with the hope that one of these will help him to “find a research”.

The discourse is given as self-sufficient, setting its own meaning impositions while images are using their authoritarian abilities to establish their legitimacy.
The boundary between virtual and reality, concepts and phenomena, is traduced by an opposition between generated images (mimesis) and captured images. This boundary appears as permeable and artificial. Interactions between images propose various discourse strategies : from hyper-didactism to polysemic-oneirism.


About Inter Activity / Inner Reactivity.

Diptyque video + stereo. 7mn00s. 2007.

The Interaction as a sustained struggle. The audience has to choose, in a repertory of
juxtaposed shapes, which counterform will organise the understanding of the whole
proposal. The interaction between proposal and audience as strategies to convince or to
evacuate the author’s discourse. The audience is supposed to chose which agent defeats the
other. But, finally, is there really a choice?