"Feet which "turn inwards" at birth often worry parents. In fact, this position due to compression in the womb, is completely reducible to the difference of clubfoot. There are no bone deformation. Just stimulate the outer edge of the foot with a toothbrush to see him straighten the toes fan. Small manipulation by a physiotherapist familiar with these techniques, splints "micropore®" set up by the pediatrician or therapist provide redress the foot for a few days.
One can make the child wear shoes without arch "backwards": the left shoe on his right foot and vice versa. In case of failure, the treatment is based on manipulation by a physiotherapist and wearing a cast. Wearing shoes with straight inner edge is then useful. Anyway, the advice of a surgeon is needed."

Source : doctissimo.fr
Translation : translate.google.com

"Metatarsus Varus" is based on what we could pompously call a "accretioning paradigm."
It is the fiction of a speech based on a demonstration made by Jean Renoir, taken as reflexive foundation.

The development leads us from the saucer to Wedgwood, from Wedgwood to wooden wedges and Darwin, from pottery to evolution, from pedagogy to foot deformity, from Achilles to Lewis Caroll ...
In fact it's all about, often through analogical ways, not a recapitulation of a nebulous system, but how the mind twists and straightens to apprehend the soil. In this sense metatarsus varus is presented as a meta-language.