Is He Listening is focusing on the situation of utterance and the variations its density and  temporality operate in a field delimited by didacticism, the hermetism and esoterism.

IsHeListening sets the author as an emitter and the receiver as an "Audiant". "Audiant" as referring to hearing rather than sight, listening leading to "the understanding" (in french "entendre" means both "listening" and "understanding") rather than "spectator", viewer linked to the "spectacle" (as a Images receptacle). (
of course, this terminological difficulties only has to be solved for the french "spectateur", as the English is already refering to a reception by hearing, using the word "audience".)

IsHeListening thus considers the unity that is submitted to the "Audiant" as a "proposal" or "proposition" (commonly understood here as "what is subject to reflection, assessment, approval"
but also as, grammatically, "an assembly signs (possibly reduced to a single sign) according to the grammar of a given language and forming a meaning."
or mathematically "theorem and problem."
However IsHeListening tries, as much as possible, to remain out of its logical  acceptance as "a syntactic construction for which it makes sense to speak of truth."

IsHeListening may act as a warning reminder for the "Audiant" on the stakes of what is uttered as well as how it is uttered.

IsHeListening researches the equation that links the proposal, the author and the "audiant".