BlueSky axiom.
Blue is calling for grey to void dullness. Based on the pattern "rareness" vs. "boredom" ;
Facing the immensity of an empty sky, one wishes for a cloud.
Fantasy / mirage of a captious ideal . Arbitrary decoy blown by the voice of a consensus.
Giving "disillusion" as a metalepsis for "illusion."

11/06/2008. BluePeter said : "BlueSky ? CielBleu? A desire for calmness? An effective ideal to survive? An optical lie? A huge shield? A lure of possible freedoms?

From these questions apparently without consequences, a group of artists is exchanging snatches of conversation [...]

Without a clearly identifiable purpose, they weave a platform to work under the erratic sign of a polysemy accelerated based on the name of the project. Gradually the BlueSky became cloudy... dangerous.

BlueSky as an Ensemble. Founded by Francisco Ruiz de infante in 2008.
PandaWa (Fanny CHASSOT), TriangleRE (Paul Jacques Yves GUILBERT), LaNouvelle (Anne Lise LE GAC), LaDivine (Lidwine PROLONGE), MrPandoJr (Félix RAMON),
BluePeter (Francisco RUIZ DE INFANTE), Ultimatum33 (Paul SOUVIRON).