Videos looped + printouts. 2011

"" Ev3 " is a set of modular blocks used as a metaphorical image. It articulates attempts to classify ideas and phenomena. This structure shows how these cubes are used as shelves. A storage for the components of a system of thought that must sometimes be forced to hold and survive (even twist the upright or multiply bindings). "Ev3" reveals its own structural doubts.

Bringing together various documentations as tutorials or instructions, "Ev3: DAC DAC for astral" names some deletions and betrayals that occur during materialization of one, yet simple and clear, plan.

"Ev3 : CAD-astral for DAC" reinforces the oscillation of the interactive installation "Ev3" as a system-device and Construction (literally as well as figuratively) and questions the fact that systems and devices, when leaving their states as projects to become objects, should crop and revise entirely for subsistence.

* "Ev3" (version 1). Musée Zoologique de Strasbourg. Exposition Zoocratie 2010

* "Ev3" (version 2). DNSEP. Bâtiment 118, Usine XXX de Mulhouse. 2011

* "Ev3 (version 3). Esad de Strasbourg. Exposition Actes Infidèles / GreenKey. Colloque international Digital Art Conservation