06/12/2014 performance reconstitution @ Project(ion) room.

-Apotilmata Omphaloù Knit#1.
Navel Show : Glaucon's emancipation.

Knitting time in a restricted area :
Since the beginning of the show, I'm spool knitting into a screen-frame (16:9 at 90°) in an "impeding" device.
I'm Glaucon the sheep, naked with pellucas (used to knit) falling from navel to hide my sex (reinforced by a mohair willy wamer). My "fleece" is tainted white.
During all this an exploration of the sheep creek (UT) is projected on my back.


Then, it's "emancipation time" (at the end of the show), I brake the shackles of cleat and attack the lecturing device.
(The lecturer is in the lightbeam, at the back of the room)A conversation, as an introduction to misosophy, starts on a platonician background. The idea is to establish, in front of our postmodern reiteration of The Republic's questions, the necessity to focus more on the knit as a surface receiving images (the screen-cave) than on the attempt to break free from those images...

To focus on the beauty of the knit.